Note to the battery regulation

In connection with the sale of batteries and rechargeable batteries, we are obliged according to battery legislation, to alert the consumer to the following:

You as a consumer is legally obliged (battery regulation) to return all used batteries and accumulators; disposal in the household garbage is prohibited.

Contaminated batteries/accumulators are labeled with the symbols that indicate the prohibition of disposal in domestic waste. The designations for the respective heavy metals are: Cc = cadmium, Hq = mercury, Pb = lead.

Your used batteries/batteries you can free of charge to the community collection, our stores, or wherever batteries/batteries are sold.

You hereby comply with legal requirements and make your contribution to environmental protection.

All batteries/Batteries may only be sold in a discharged state at the collection points. The end user can, for example, be found at cut-off at the achievement of the discharge voltage or onset of functional impairment.

When not fully discharged, a care must be taken against short circuit (eg isolation of the poles with tape).